Music & Movement

Music and Movement provides guided instruction to inspirational song, dance and associated arts/crafts for youth in K-5th grade. It is a safe, exploratory place to: gain confidence and strength in communication, discover inner creativity & grow spiritually.

Hear His Heart Camp

Hear His Heart Camp is a free experience where children joyfully experience God’s love through biblical teaching, inspirational music and dance. Campers ages 3 – 11 start each day with routines to get their hearts and minds moving! Through songs of praise to Almighty God, Praise Dance and Bible study and discussions, youth engage in social, spiritual and scholastic activities.

Girls Empowerment
Summer Literacy Camp

Girls Empowerment Summer Camp is designed for girls entering 5th through 8th grade. This Camp offers a holistic experience of faith and education. It combines language arts, artistic expression and physical activity to build academic skills, faith and friendships in a virtual environment!

2020 Hear His Heart Camp Staff

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